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… Celebrate a Kid’s Birthday at the Oki Doki Indoor Playground?

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What’s it like to celebrate a kid’s birthday in Oki Doki? We were sure that this time, we would celebrate it at one of the seven indoor playgrounds in North Rhine Westphalia that we know already. Lyons Cub had a big choice to make whether to celebrate his 5th birthday with his kindergarten friends in GeckoFun, in Trampolino, or in Oki Doki. He picked the latter because his best friend had suggested it, and it offers a high ropes course for 4+ year-olds that they could all try out together. At the other places that feature high ropes courses, the children have to be older and taller to participate.

Mommy contacted Oki Doki in advance and reserved two tables for 11 kids and 3 adults. The price was EUR 93.00 for the tables and group entrance fee, plus the food we were going to order and the scooter tokens (I got two per kid). Alas, since it was January weather and flu and RSV season, only seven kids came, because the rest were sick at home. They got their goody bags later. I had wanted the tables decorated already (although I also brought Spiderman paper plates and our own reusable plastic cups, because Spiderman was the theme Leander had picked for his party).

For each child, I had gotten a Spiderman paper bag (black, red, and pink) on the table, containing Spiderman trinkets and little gifts, such as Spiderman masks, stickers, and wristbands, Spiderman balloons, tiny flashlights, and candy. They would receive their gift bags only at pickup time, though, so they wouldn’t take little toys onto the inflatables and climbing towers. I also bought a Smarties cake from Oki Doki, so we didn’t have to bring our own brownies. For lunch, I ordered chicken nuggets and French fries for all. Aunty had agreed to attend with her teenage kids and to furnish the drinks (Coke for the adults and apple and orange juice for the children). Yes, you are allowed to bring your own food; you just cannot order any food from a delivery service. The only thing we were not allowed to bring was Leander’s red T-rex pinata and a plastic baseball club 😉

After having put the drinks on the table and asked at the reception to deliver the cake, so it would be there when the kids arrived at 11 a.m. (since lunch was to be served between 12 and 1 p.m.), we found out that Oki Doki had forgotten to order the cake!! However, they remedied the situation quickly by offering me some bags of potato chips, which were readily accepted by the children. Aunty raced to a bakery before it closed early since it was Sunday and purchased an apple cake and a cream roll, but the kids didn’t eat any of that (just the adults). Next time, we’ll know…. Cakes are not necessary. Chips and fast food are plenty.

Each child got two Oki Doki coins (which were to be used in the scooters), and we went to the scooter track to make sure the kids were supervised and not fighting for the cars. They had lots of fun!

Then, all the kids went to the high ropes course together. The attendant helped them to put on their safety harnesses, and off they went, one after the other. One of the teens walked last, to help the littles when they had concerns. It turned out that the only little girl attending Leander’s party was the best high ropes walker of all; she walked the course several times without wanting to quit.

When the kids were being picked up between 3 and 4 p.m., they each got his/her Spiderman bag filled with goodies. They tried on their Spiderman masks and had some candy. My son just poured the whole content of his bag onto the floor to see what was in it, and what he wanted to eat or to play with first 😉

All in all, it was a successful kid’s birthday party. And mommy didn’t have to prepare any food, clean up any mess, and wash any dirty dishes!!! Celebrating your kid’s birthday at an indoor playground is really an easy way out for the parents, and all kids enjoyed themselves. Of course, in addition, Lyons Cub had the usual, tuned-down family party with grandma and other relatives in a quiet home, eating cake, unpacking gifts, and playing with his new toys. Leander got his Hudora stunt scooter and was happy. I wonder what we’ll do next year for his birthday. Maybe a theme park like Irrland?

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