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Indoor Playgrounds in North Rhine-Westphalia

Tiki Kinderland

Are you traveling to or living in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany? If you have kids between the ages of about 2-12 who like to climb, slide, and jump, we have seven recommendations for indoor playgrounds in the region for you here. We’ve tried them all out and will tell you our honest opinion (from young and old).

Attractions in the indoor playgrounds GeckoFun, Hoplop, Oki Doki, Trampolino, Tiki Kinderland, Family Paradise, and Hugodrom:

Prices at these indoor playgrounds:

Prices at Trampolino (cheap for kids and adults)

Prices at Tiki Kinderland

Prices at Hugodrom

Prices at Oki Doki

Prices at Hoplop (very expensive for kids over 3 years)

Prices at GeckoFun (cheap for kids and adults)

Prices at Family Paradise

At all places except for the Hugodrom (which doesn’t have any extra activities requiring coins), parents have to pay extra for their kids to ride scooters, use the slot machines, use arcade games, go bungy jumping, get little toys out of grabber machines, etc. Thus, if you allow your child a few extras plus feed him/her (it’s not permitted to bring your own food or drinks in most of these places), count on spending about EUR 20.00 per child.

And here’s to the sizes of these indoor playgrounds:


My son loves GeckoFun most, and this mommy loves Trampolino most. His reasons are the many machines and the batman arcade game, and I enjoy the nice restaurant and the variety of things to do for the kids. I think those two are the best venues of the six ones we know already.

If you have older kids and are not scared of losing them, Hoplop in Cologne has the biggest venue and the most attractions of all, but parents of little kids might get anxious not to see them anymore…

Now for the details, check the corresponding pins that lead to the respective articles about the indoor playgrounds:

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