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… Take Your Kid to Kinderland GeckoFun?

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Today was awesome! Lyons Cub went to GeckoFun, an indoor playground with inflatables and lots of climbing castles. We went with another family with two little girls and spent from noon through about 4 p.m. there. This adventure playground is in the city of Burscheid, where we had never been before. It was totally worthwhile!

The first thing that greeted us when we entered was a huge, slippery volcano. If you ran up with bare feet, you could make it to the top and slide all the way down (if you tried it with socks on, it was impossible!). Even mommy made it up there.

My son’s favorite bouncy castle was a huge, red dragon he could enter through its mouth and exit through its…. butt hole. Sorry!

There were also horses to ride on:

The hamster wheel was filled with children and sometimes got turned all the way around–arghhh!!! Thank goodness, the adults didn’t need to do that. Especially after having had curry sausage, this would have been a bad idea 😉

We rode around on GoKarts (and got rear-ended by other kids), and Lyons Cub slid down many slides and climbed around where mommy wouldn’t even venture. The food was good, and it’s a nice place to spend a whole afternoon. Today was the first day without masks and Corona rules for us, so that’s a start back to normal life with others!

After jumping and running and climbing so much, Lyons Cub slept peacefully in his car seat on the long way home 😉

And if you’re interested in a much, much bigger and more exciting indoor playground, check out the mega cool Hoplop in Cologne Pulheim!!!

Update in February 2023:

GeckoFun has a new attraction: A big, pink hamster wheel which turns really fast and can harbor many children. This time, the parents don’t have to turn it. The little wheel is still there for the toddlers, but the pink horse is gone.

The wavy, blue slide covered with rolls that you go down sitting on a sled is also very popular with the kids:

If you’re curious about a comparison of 7 indoor playgrounds in North Rhine Westphalia, check out our post. My son loves GeckoFun most of all. Maybe you will find your favorite one.

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