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Product Review: Hudora Stunt Scooter with Skull

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A couple of months ago, Lyons Cub and mommy went to the Hugodrom in Remscheid, where he tried out an orange stunt scooter that had a cool skull design. He loved it so much that he put this exact scooter on his birthday wish list. Alas, it was an older model that is not fabricated anymore. In the Hugodrom, the assistant told us that we couldn’t purchase their tryout model, and he offered us newer versions, but Lyons Cub declined, disappointed.

Little did he know that Lyoness would search the Internet until she found the orange skull scooter, and you cannot fathom his joy as he got to unpack it on his fifth birthday, with grandma watching:

This scooter is perfect — robust, fast, quiet, and with an awesome design.

On February 18th, when we celebrated carnival and went to the procession of the floats in town, Lyons Cub insisted on bringing his new scooter. He was disguised as Bowser from Mario Bros, and he just had to take off the mask and put on his helmet, and he was ready to circle the town square:

Mommy wants a Hudora city scooter now…

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