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Product Review: Bowser Costume for German Carnival

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It’s that time of the year again — we missed it during our time in the U.S., but in Germany, we don’t only celebrate Halloween in November but also carnival in February. In kindergarten, Lyons Cub got to wear disguises every day of the week (with a party on just one of those days): He went as Bowser, as policeman, and as judo fighter (the latter was real, not a costume).

My son loves Mario Bros. (and beats me in the races with our old wii all the time!) and also collects paintings from his favorite artist, Ivan Beslic. Lyons Cub has a Mario & Luigi painting and a blue Koopa Shell from him already. I know he would love a Bowser painting, too…

The Bowser costume we bought was a jump suit made from very thin material, with a soft tail sowed onto the back that cannot fall off like those clip-ons. That’s why my son wore a thick, yellow sweater and yellow pants underneath, so he wouldn’t freeze on this cold, rainy winter day while waiting for the floats of the carnival procession through town. Amazon didn’t have one in his size, for five-year-olds, so I bought one for 8 to 9-year-olds, and I’m glad I did: The belly and arm lengths fit perfectly, and the pants were about 10 inches too long, so I tucked them into the trousers he wore underneath. The spiky wristbands can be taken off, while the ones on the shoulder are sowed on. The mask has eyes with nets over them through which the wearer can see. It closes with Velcro and a rubber band in the back. The back piece is inflatable and is fastened either cross-wise or straight like a school bag in the front. He wore his green sneakers with the costume.

In the video above, he explains that it’s “just a mask” and that I know he is Leander in reality, so I don’t need to be afraid 😉

Lyons Cub also has a plush Bowser, which he got for his 5th birthday (it currently sleeps in bed with him):

My son loves his Bowser costume! The colors are bright, the spikes are the hoot, and he got lots of compliments when wearing it in town. The only negative thing I can say about it is that the Velcro that closes it in the back keeps pulling threads if it touches the nylon material of the suit. But that’s to be expected with Velcro. Remember to purchase a bigger size than your kid has, because it turns out smaller than you’d think.

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