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Carrera Race Track, Fun for Old and Young

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For Halloween this year, Lyons Cub visited his big cousins, and besides admiring each other’s disguises, eating cake, and having a barbecue, we got to play with their Carrera race track. So far, my son had only played with a kiddie dinosaur race track with LED cars, but this here was something else. Even the adults loved watching the cars zoom around.

Alas, oftentimes, the cars were carried out of the curves. We put a white barrier up to keep the cars on the track. It was a bit of a hassle and didn’t help much, as the cars sometimes got stuck or drove over some end pieces of the barrier. It was also too difficult for little kids to fasten. Anyways, Lyons Cub and his cousin had fun, and if a car escaped, it was put right back where it belonged.

By the way, the remotes have a speed boost button, but if you use it, the car shoots out of the track, so it’s better not to make use of it 😉 They are super fast without it. Mama and grandma loved this race track, too!

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