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… Go to a Bouncy Castle Festival?

bouncy castle festival

What’s it like to go to a bouncy castle festival?

On this hot and humid August weekend day, we set out to attend an Altano bouncy castle festival. On the posters, they had promised to flood the water slide if it didn’t rain — well, it didn’t rain YET, so we were hopeful, and we weren’t disappointed. There was a big area with differently colored bouncy castles and one water slide. Alas, it was so muddy from the past weeks of rain that it looked more like Woodstock 😉

Lyons Cub loves to bounce and bungy jump, but so far, we used to do this at indoor playgrounds. This is the first time we found an outdoor event. It started at 11 a.m., and we came two hours early to get a great parking place. We were among the first people inside, so Lyons Cub got to try out all the bouncy castles without having to stand in line. There weren’t that many people, because it was threatening to rain. Look at the sky 🙂

There were some other attractions, such as bouncy balls, merry-go-rounds, see-saws, and ride-on machines.

Leander was waiting for his friend Giuliana and her little sis. When they arrived, we had a quick lunch, and then the children went on a merry-go-round.

The girls didn’t want to get their shoes and feet muddy, but Lyons Cub was not worried. He changed clothes several times, and he knew mommy had brought a towel. Sometimes, I had to carry him through the muddiest parts of the meadow, though.

He climbed a high wall:

Then, Lyons Cub tried out different slides. On the monkey slide, a girl lost a tooth when she got stuck with her face in the net!!! But her mom told us that this tooth had been wobbly, anyway, so she was actually glad it had come out so easily. Yuck, though 😉

The coolest thing was climbing up a wall with a rope to slide down the other side:

Lyons Cub was the only one of our crew to try out the water slide. The water was icy cold!

We’ll definitely go there again with our friends 🙂

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