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Product Review: Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage with Shark

Hot Wheels Ultimate Parking Garage with Shark

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For Christmas 2022, mommy gave Lyons Cub a new Hot Wheels set for his city: A shark garage. Last year for his birthday, he had gotten the Hot Wheels Robo T-Rex Ultimate parking garage. At first, we didn’t find out how to make the cars go through the loop to end up in the shark’s gaping mouth, but then, we found the big, blue lever. That’s all it took, and the cars went flying through the loop and through our living-room 😉

I find the two garages pretty similar, only the shark one has much more power behind it, because the cars are being propelled through the loop with a lot of force. Also, the elevator makes a lovely squeaky noise. Hear for yourself:

The garage is quite big, more than a square meter (and fitting about 90 cars), but not as high as the Robo T-Rex garage. We connected the two garages with our curves and straight tracks in the back. I have to say, those two sets almost fill our living-room (my husband’s grand piano is vying for space, heehee). We don’t have enough floor space to connect my son’s other Hot Wheels components, like the color-shifter Sharkport, the green slime gorilla, or the slime snake.

A cool feature is that the arms (1, 2, 3, and 4) on the left column of the parking garage can be used to make the elevator stop at the respective number where the arm is pointed outwards. This makes the cars go on the parking deck with that number instead of race down into the loop or on the second track, past the loop to the bottom. At the base, there are repair stations and a gas station for additional ideas to play. It was nice that mommy didn’t need to put any stickers on this time! Everything was applied already. Since the garage is very expensive when new, I’d suggest to get just one of the garages. They take up so much space and are that similar that your kid should make up his/her mind whether he/she prefers a shark or a dinosaur with the garage… This doesn’t work for my son, though: He already indicated that next year Christmas, he wants the GORILLA garage!!! (Face palm…)

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