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Pikachu hat with lights and movable ears

boy with Pikachu hat

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Lyons Cub found an exciting light-up Pikachu hat with movable ears at the Christmas Market in Opladen:

At first, we used the long arms as a scarf and had no clue that you could light them up and press the paws to make the ears stand up 😉

It proved especially useful when it got dark, so mommy and grandma could still see Lyons Cub between the Christmas market stalls…

He took it out everywhere we went, including another Christmas market in the city of Solingen:

He even showed it to Saint Nicholas who visited him on December 6th:

He always loved Pikachu; he even owns a painting of Pikachu by Ivan Beslic that we bought in the latter’s art gallery.

I bet light-up Pikachu will be around quite a bit this winter… He seems to enjoy eating hot waffles with powdered sugar and riding on merry-go-rounds 🙂 He’s not so clean anymore and has one long thread hanging down, but he’s still alive and well, ready for new adventures with Lyons Cub.

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