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… Watch the Cranes Fly South?

What’s it like to watch the cranes fly south? Lyons Cub has seen the Canada geese and the Siberian geese fly in formation, but this time, while we were at a playground with his little friend Giuliana, we watched a flock of cranes fly to warmer regions. They were right over our heads in arrow-like formation, making a heck of a noise. See for yourself!

We spent a cool, sunny November weekend walking through the forest, listening to the birds, playing in wood piles (they used to be teepees, but they were either disassembled by the forest kindergarten kids or a storm), and searching for interesting insects and snails under bark and leaves.

We walked over a mossy bridge and looked down into the clear stream of a little brook. The forest path leads to a playground, which was the award for all the walking 😉 There, we met up with my son’s friend and her family, and the kids went sliding and climbing. It was funny, because I caught Lyons Cub telling on someone for the first time: He told me his friend had put her lollipop into her mouth the wrong way, with the stick inside first, and he said that he did it right.

What did you do on your latest nature trip?

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