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Pokemon and Pokeballs

boy with Pikachu figurine

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When we visited an art gallery in Langenfed to buy two paintings from Ivan Beslic, Lyons Cub also got a collector’s item from this store that deals in paintings, baseball cards, and other memorabilia: A Pikachu action figure and two Pokeballs on a belt. He has watched a Pokemon movie on TV some time ago and really enjoys the fights with electricity, etc. Recently, he wanted me to help him put on the belt with the Pokeballs, and he ran through the house with his Pikachu figurine in make-belief fights.

The balls are a bit difficult to open and to fasten on the belt with a clip for preschoolers, but with mommy’s help, it worked. The figurines are durable, legendary, and a steal at about USD 20 for two of them. The diameter of the ball is 2.8 inches, and the height of the figures is approximately 1.1-1.5 inches. The belt clip closes very well. You press the button of the balls to release the “explosion.” Best would be to have many friends about the same age who all have different figures.

In case you also have a Pokemon fan in your family, check out the different characters in their balls:

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