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… Color Easter Eggs with the Magic Egg Decorator That Plays Christmas Music?

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Have you ever painted Easter eggs with terrible, electronic Christmas music in the background? No? Then, you absolutely need to try the Magic Egg Decorator, made in China. It would make a cool, humorous gift for a family you don’t want to gift anything too serious 😉 I have to say, the simple process (placing a plastic egg or a hard boiled egg on a rotating mechanism and holding the tip of a felt-tip pen to it) is fun for little kids, and the results are very nice. But the sound is nerve wracking!!!

This was our first try, with one of the three plastic eggs that came in the package:

By the way, it requires three AA batteries and doesn’t come with them. Luckily, we have a drawer full of batteries, so there weren’t any crocodile tears… Eight differently colored felt-tip pens were included, so we didn’t need to use our own ones.

This was our second try, when we already had a little practice. Sometimes, especially when trying to color the caps, the egg gets dislocated and the process stops and has to be restarted by adjusting the position of the egg. We used brand-new batteries, and still, the music was very stuttering. Oh well. We heard Jingle Bells, Oh Christmas Tree, The First Noel, and other festive songs for the wrong occasion 😉 This game was clearly developed by somebody not familiar with the Christian traditions. Maybe it was supposed to be ironic?!? Anyway, who cares; my kid had fun and will take a nicely colored, striped egg to kindergarten tomorrow.

After finishing the three plastic eggs, we started with a white hard boiled egg. The little transparent plastic clip that is supposed to hold the egg in place didn’t fit, so we didn’t put it on top of the egg. The egg still stayed well in its position. Maybe we had an XXL egg?? Oh wonder, the colors came out even better than with the tan plastic eggs! Lyons Cub felt too sorry for the pretty egg to eat it. But we boiled eight eggs, so I guess we can sacrifice a few…

“We wish you a Merry Christmas”!

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