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… Play Doctor with Your Son?

boy disguised as doctor

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My son just went through the stomach flu, a gift from his kindergarten. Now, he’s feeling better, but is still under the impression of the doctor’s office we’ve been to a couple of days ago. Thus, HE wanted to be the doctor now. We did a familiar role play based on a true event in my childhood: My father had cut the rose bushes, and I ran barefoot through the back yard and stepped into a long thorn. I had to go to the doctor to have it pulled out of my heel (and it bled quite a lot), and when I sat in the waiting room with a bandage on my foot while he talked to my mom, I heard a little girl say, “Mommy, look, her foot is bleeding!” I felt really great 😉

Here, you can see Lyons Cub stepping on his doctor’s glasses, messing around with his stethoscope, and diagnosing me with “no blood pressure” 😉 While he was at it, he also checked my teeth and found some “plastic teeth” and a cavity. Glad to say I survived the visit to this doctor!

And here are Lyons Cub’s accessories. The doctor’s coat was a Halloween gift he didn’t get to wear last year due to the pandemic (and also, Halloween is not celebrated in Germany like it is in the United States). He usually doesn’t put on the coat but nurses grandma and mommy back to health every week with his little suitcase full of goodies: a thermometer, a syringe, a phone to call the pick-up service, a blood pressure cuff, two bandages, glasses, pliers, a dentist’s mirror, stethoscope, a device to check the reflexes and to check the ears… As you can see, my little doctor is well equipped!

Hello, YOU there; yes, YOU!!! You look a bit pale. Do you feel well? Do you need a doctor?

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