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… Play Starbucks Barista With Your Preschooler?

boy with toy coffee machine

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Oh sh**, it happened, Leander brought the stomach flu home from kindergarten, which means for the both of us tea, apple juice, and cracker bread, no visits to grandma, and staying at home doing role play. Today, Lyons Cub wanted to play barista with his new, pink coffee machine from Ernsting’s Family. The best part: You can pour real milk in it, it runs down into your cup, and you hear authentic noises of grinding coffee beans and foaming up a delicious cappuccino. So this mommy had to go get herself a delicious cappuccino, while Lyons Cub preferred a latte…

The machine is easy to operate for a 3+ year-old child (well, the on-and-off switch is a little hard to press down, but your kid will learn it with trial and error). Lyons Cub will demonstrate in the following video how to open the lid, pour milk in it, close the lid, turn the setting to cappuccino, and then add the extras. The machine comes with three paper cartons (milk, chocolate, and sugar) that we filled with real human food (chocolate powder, sugar unicorns, and cereal). Those boxes would also look good in a kid’s store (my son has one, and thus could buy the ingredients in his store, take them over to his bar, and then prepare the food and drinks).

Also included is a fake topping that looks like chocolate swirls on one side and milk foam with chocolate powder sprinkles on the other side. It will float on liquid. In addition, there’s a plastic bar of coffee beans that your child inserts in a slot on top of the machine and covers it with a transparent lid. It’s just decorative, but you could fill it with real chocolate powder (let your kid play outside, in this case!!).

Although the drink was cold, not hot, mommy liked it quite a bit and gave the friendly server a big tip 😉 Then, we switched roles and Lyons Cub got to be the customer:

I hope you appreciate the videos, because our first trial ended up in a mess when he knocked over the Tetra Pak of milk, which flowed under the Christmas tree. Thank goodness, we had a couple of kitchen towels ready. You always need those when playing with liquids with a toddler or preschool kid 😉

Cheers! Dino Friend in the background looks like he could use some cappuccino, too!

When his stomach is better, we’ll go to a real coffee bar again for ice-cream. Until then, this machine will have to do 🙂

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