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Product Review: Bowling Set for Toddlers

bowling game

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Bowling is one of Germany’s popular indoor sports, often available in restaurants (but you can play it outside, too). My father went bowling in his younger years, and my sisters and I played bowling in the back yard. Lyons Cub got his first bowling game in the summer of 2021 from grandma (and, admittedly, she has the longest space to let a ball roll in her apartment, because in mine, there are toys strewn around everywhere!).

My son’s nine-pin bowling game consists of colorful plastic pins and two big, light, blue balls. They’re easy for a toddler to handle and can’t cause too much damage if he throws them around. The balls sometimes vanish under furniture, so it’s best to play in a room where you don’t have to chase them from under beds and wardrobes (or, at least, keep a broomstick within reach!).

In the following video, Lyons Cub unpacks his bowling balls, which are secured in the black plastic tray. I like that they are all safely in one place and don’t fly around the house this way. It’s easy enough for a toddler to pull the pins out to set them up for play, and put them back in again. And which mommy doesn’t like a tidy room after the game is over 😉

In the next video, he is actually bowling and doesn’t stop until he has knocked over all the pins. A happy dance follows!

A simple, classic, and low budget game for indoors or outdoors that you can’t go wrong with!

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