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… Bake Christmas Cookies With a Toddler?

grandma and boy baking Christmas cookies

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The day before Saint Nicholas is coming to visit our place, Lyons Cub, grandma, and Lyoness are busy baking Christmas cookies. We’re working on a yellow bag (Americans, this is the German recycling bag!) on the kitchen floor, so as not to make anything dirty. Since we have lost all our cookie cutter shapes, we invited grandma over to bring hers (we also misplaced our rolling pin; we probably used all that stuff for playdough, and it vanished in some toy crate). Mommy did a quick run to the grocery store today to pick up some flour. We’re ready!

The recipe is from grandma and has been used faithfully by our whole family for decades. Here it is:

What you need:

A tiny sprinkle of lemon juice can be added for refined taste. And a pinch of salt in the batter would be good, too.

Leave the butter standing around in your kitchen for several hours, until it gets nicely soft. Then, mix it in a bowl with the sugar and the two eggs, and then add the flour. Mix it all together with a mixer. Then, knead the dough with your hands until you get a cohesive clump, take parts of it off to roll it flat with your rolling pin, and use your cookie cutters to create different shapes. Pick them up with a knife and put them on baking paper on your baking tray. Bake them. We used 180 degrees Celsius and about 12 minutes or so. (Honestly, we sat right in front of the oven and just kept looking until we saw the cookies turn light brown; then, we took them out. This way, they didn’t get too dark.)

These turned out delicious! The darker ones were eaten right away. The rest will be offered to Saint Nicholas and our visitors tomorrow. I hope he will cherish all the work that went into them. Leander loves to bake.

Watch his little happy dance!

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