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Product Review: Carter’s Baby & Toddler Clothes

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Which mommy doesn’t think her kiddo is the best dressed in the world?!? Well, I was surely proud of the way I dressed my baby and toddler, and the brand I used most often was Carter’s. It started in the NICU; my son was too small to fit into Gerber and any other brand I tried since he was tiny due to IUGR; however, I always found a Carter’s onesie or jumpsuit for preemies that would fit him AND looked cute as a bonus on my Little Mane Man.

One of my favorite Carter’s outfits is this blue fleece jacket with doggies on it, paired with the blue jeans. It was warm and cozy and has a hoodie for cooler days.

On Black Friday or during Christmas sales, I used to go bargain hunting to Governor’s Square Mall in Clarksville, TN with Lyons Cub, and on good days, I took quite a bit of Carter’s stuff home, mostly from Oshkosh. Have a look at the colors and patterns I loved on him:

When I picked clothes with animal prints, I chose whales (his nursery was in a blue whale theme), sloths, dogs, giraffes, crocodiles, and–of course–dinosaurs, his favorite. In his Montessori kindergarten, he had to wear uni-colored shirts and sweaters without characters on them (which I found sad, but I understand their thinking; it’s less distractive and doesn’t cause peer pressure); at home, he did wear characters, mostly from his beloved Paw Patrol and PJ Masks.

If your child loves dinosaurs, too, check out Leander’s dino sweaters and dino pants!

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