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Product Review: Little People Nativity Scene

Fisher Price Little People Nativity Scene

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Do you have a suitable nativity scene for your baby’s first Christmas yet? One where you don’t have to worry that he/she breaks something, puts little parts in his/her mouth, or loses valuable figurines at the bottom of some toy drawer? Then, I’ve been in your shoes and can tell you how we solved this problem: the Fisher Price Little People nativity scene was just made for tiny hands of an (almost) 1-year-old! He could not swallow anything, the star at the roof lit up, and a lovely song played whenever he put the beautiful angel on the top.

Here are some unboxing pictures. My son was so enticed! You can see Felix (our stray) napping on top of the chest drawer, and Frankie (our rescue kitten) watching for pieces and scraps of the wrapping paper, his favorite toys 😉

Once he had unpacked his gift, he loved to play with baby Jesus and Mary. He also liked the (humongous) sheep, which are in no relation to the size of the humans, but who cares! The camel is cute and quite detailed, too, and so are the three wise men. The gifts contain a food box! Well, it wasn’t quite like this in the Bible, but Mary and Joseph were sure glad they got a delicious dinner and not just incense, gold, and myrrh. There are even two palm trees with a stone wall and plenty of hay for the animals to eat.

This was a perfect gift for my little boy. He also got a baby-friendly Christmas tree made of felt, in case you’re still looking for something safe for your child to practice hanging up decorations.

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