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Product Review: Felt Christmas Tree for Baby

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Soon, it will be Christmas! Do you have a baby who cannot walk yet? Are you afraid he/she might get to the valuable Christmas decoration on your (real or plastic) tree and put them in his/her mouth? This is how I felt when Lyons Cub was 11 months old. He could stand up, but he wasn’t able to walk yet, and he put everything in his mouth that he could find. I worried about the fragile glass and plastic decoration (and I know they can break, because our dog Honey and our kitten Frankie knocked some down in the previous years). Therefore, I bought a little felt Christmas tree with felt ornaments (which I got for 8 bucks back then).

If you worry baby might make the big tree topple over, then get a soft felt tree (there are flat felt Christmas trees that you can hang on your wall; I preferred the round one you can set up in the middle of the room) and watch your kiddo practice hanging up the ornaments (a Santa, a house, a candy cane, a star, a shoe, a reindeer, a piece of candy, a snowflake, etc.). Be aware that cats love to take off the ornaments just as much as your child, and you’ll find them under furniture months later…

Frankie the Cat playing with the felt decorations
Caught with the star

My son loved his felt tree. That being said, it fell over easily. It’s definitely not for bigger kids. For his first Christmas, we also bought a beautiful, child-appropriate nativity scene, which you can see in front of his felt tree (it’s from Fisher Price, Little People); check this one out, too!

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