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… Take Your Tot to the Car Repair Place?

Bad things in life happen… Just when we were in pre-Christmas mood and had planned so many things (like going to the indoor swimming pool, visiting the animal park again, going Christmas shopping), the warning light in our car went on and said, “low tire pressure,” and the ride was a little more bumpy than before. Did mommy run over a nail? Or was it due to the sudden cold (as it becomes finally winter here?). No clue, but we decided to drive to the next gas station and inflate our tires.

When mommy inserted the hose into the valve, she didn’t place it correctly over it, and a fine spray of dust swooshed into mommy’s face as the air streamed out. The car was SOOO dirty!!! Try as we might (Lyons Cub was allowed to hold the hose, too), we could not get any air into the tires. A guy working at the gas station said that maybe the pump was empty and need to be refilled, and we got the second one that was in the next lane. This one didn’t inflate our tires, either. Two nice guys refilling their garbage truck came over and helped mommy, but their best guess was that mommy had a flat, at least the left front tire.

So home we drove, but on the way, we went to a car wash and had our Volkswagen (“Das Auto”!) cleaned thoroughly. We planned to go to a car repair place the next day, to have our car looked at by professionals. And we didn’t want the guys to get black fingers like mommy had after our adventure!!

On Saturday morning, off we went to the Volkswagen Center (where we had bought the car the year before). Service was free, which was nice. Lyons Cub could hardly believe his eyes when our car went FLOATING!!! He wanted to get into it, but of course, that was not possible. When the repair guy took off the hub cab, he asked him why he was taking it off, and if the tire would fall down now 😉 I bet the guy enjoyed talking to him as much as Lyons Cub.

He checked all four tires and couldn’t find a single nail or hole.

Yay!!! The valves weren’t broken, either.

Lyons Cub watched the whole thing with lots of interest. He loves going to the “Werkstatt”!

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