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… Observe the Otters at the Animal Park With a Toddler?

otter swimming in pond

Ahhh, finally!!! The otters were out. Maybe because it was a sunny day for a change (although it was quite cold for October, brrr… Lyons Cub wore a scarf and woolen hat for the first time outside). We made a trip to the Wildpark in Leverkusen again, in the hopes of seeing some animals that were in hiding last time. We had no luck with the foxes and lynxes, but two otters were doing us a favor and showing up for a quick swim and some digging. My son had never seen otters before. You can hear his aah’s and ooh’s.

How cute when they flipped onto their backs and swam with their bellies upward 😉 One of them really, really wanted to get into the other enclosure on the left side. A lady in the audience speculated that it was a boy and wanted over to the girls’ side. Whatever the reason, the other side must have been very attractive for it, because the otter was digging like crazy (and couldn’t escape due to the barrier). The other otter was making its rounds through the pool, and it was almost impossible to get my son away from their habitat to look at other animals, too.

They had a nice pond with a slide (which they didn’t use, alas).

Home of the Otters

If you haven’t introduced otters to your toddler yet, here are a few cool and educational books about this animal you don’t see around every day: (These are affiliate links. If you buy something through them, I will earn a few cents, which helps me to maintain my blog and its many plugins.)

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