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Product Review: Mega Bloks First Builders Build ‘n Learn Table

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Duplo and Mega Bloks are great toys to let your little one practice fine motor skills and thinking logically. Lyons Cub loves his Mega Bloks learn table, and as you can see, grandma lion is equally invested in building castles, race tracks, hamster mazes, and walls with him 😉

The learn table has four red folding legs that you can fold inward when you want to store it flat in a cupboard or chest. It has a red, yellow, green, and blue quarter of a play table, which you can screw on by rotating the red star in the middle, so they are tight, or you can take them out. Then, you can store Mega Bloks inside and close the lid again.

There’s a race track on the table, which my son uses quite often for his toy cars. The dimensions of the table are 5.25 x 24 x 16 inches, so it’s light and small enough to set up quickly and let it vanish in a second when visitors come and all needs to be clean. It has a comfortable height for a toddler and is suitable for one-year-olds to toddlers of 60 months. My son is 3.5 years old and still loves this learn table; he prefers this height to building on the floor. We have way more Mega Bloks than the interior can hold (they just accumulated with time…), so we keep them in fabric storage cubes.

Thus, if you’re looking for a portable play table that can also store your Mega Bloks and can fold flat quickly, this might be a cool idea. It can be set up in different places, since it’s so light to carry around. The legs snap into place, and the button to press is easy for adults to use but not for little kids, so they can’t make the legs cave in when they decide to climb onto the table, which is an added plus (don’t know about you, but my son needs to climb on everything!).

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