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Product Review: Jurassic World Lego Duplo Fun

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Lyons Cub has been fascinated with volcanoes, lava, and dinos since he was a year old. To celebrate his first day of kindergarten, he received this cute Lego Duplo Jurassic World set. It’s perfect for a 3.5-year-old to assemble the few parts, open and close the jaw of the T-rex, and play with the baby Triceratops. It further includes a palm tree, a bridge (which can be transformed into a volcano), two flames/lava, two fences, four flowers (two green, two pink), a motorcycle, and a boy. Since it’s still warm and summer, my son likes to play with Lego Duplo in his outdoor pool on the balcony. These Lego Duplos have no stickers that could dissolve in the water, so I let him submerge them. When we play with the Jurassic World set indoors, I draw a river on paper, and he lays it underneath the bridge.

“The lava is under the ocean.” – “Yes, it’s an undersea volcano!” – “Yeah. Now the lava died me. Aaaargh!!!”

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