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Product Review: Slime for Toddlers

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Kids love slime. Parents and grandparents probably less so (well, they are the ones left with the clean-up!). But nothing compares to the joy kids display when they can dig deep into the cool, gooey mess and extract some hidden toy. My son had seen an episode on YouTube this morning where a mom hid little plastic toys in magic dough, and he wanted to hunt for toys in goo, too. So after lunch, we walked to the city center and got a few different brands and colors of magic slime to try out. He opened one on the way back already.

We hadn’t gotten slime with surprise toys in it, but just plain slime (the green one contained glitter), and grandma and I hid some Lego blocks and Playmobil figurines in it. He didn’t mind at all that there weren’t any new and unknown toys. A Lego brick worked just fine; what counted were the exploration and the feel of it.

Lyons Cub had great fun searching for the hidden surprises, and we also played ball with the green slime and threw it around from person to person in a circle. The green slime was so stretchy that we also fabricated handcuffs for each other, and then the handcuffed person had to free himself/herself. That was fun! Things got a little out of hand when he put the slime into his hair, but nothing a good bath and a comb couldn’t fix… 😉

The slime didn’t leave any residue on the parquet floor, but we couldn’t get everything out of the carpet, and we had to put our clothes into the washing machine afterwards (they got totally clean again). I think it was worth the adventure (grandma, not so much. It was at her apartment…).

Well, you need good nerves and the energy to clean up at the end of the day, but otherwise, it’s worth a try! My son is not the cleanest kid on the block (as can be seen at his baking efforts), so I kind of anticipated what I got myself into. Anyway, it’s a great sensory play, similar to playdough and kinetic sand. Great as a party idea, too. Good luck!!

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