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Product Review: Pink Minnie Mouse Ride-On Plane

Do you have a kiddo that likes planes? If he or she loves Minnie Mouse, that’s a plus. Lyons Cub was fascinated with the rotating, color-changing propellers on this little ride-on plane, and although he’s a bit too old and tall for it, he still enjoys zooming through the house on it. One can ride very fast! Do you have a long corridor with laminate floor? Then, you’ll have the perfect landing strip!! Lyons Cub actually steps into mommy’s footprints here; after all, Lyoness helped build a plane once.

The dimensions are 10.75 x 13.88 x 21 inches, so it’s pretty small for a bigger toddler. It makes quite realistic lift-off and landing sounds. The plane needs two AA batteries, which are included. Mommy can push the back handle, which makes it go even faster for additional fun! We’ve had it for a year and a half now and never had to change the batteries, although it’s getting quite a bit of use. All the wheels turn, and the wings can be folded up to store it better.

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