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Product Review: Peppa Pig Pool for Splashing Fun in Small Spaces

Do you have a small balcony or yard, but your toddler wants a swimming pool on a sweltering summer day? A big family pool is not in the picture? Don’t need a giant pool where mommy can soak, too? Then, the Smart Planet® Peppa Pig inflatable paddling pool, approximately 122 x 23 cm, might just be what you need. It is small but not tiny, has three rings, fits two tots well, holds just enough water to put on the flowers afterwards, and has a low rim for short kiddos to climb over by themselves. It won’t fit adults (well, maybe if mommy sits), but a 3-year-old can lie stretched out in it; moreover, it’s available in different sizes, even 74 x 18 cm for a little baby. We put a soft cover underneath to get a padded ground for his butt.

Lyons Cub is a big fan of Peppa Pig, or Peppa Wutz in German. He watches it on his Chrome book all the time, has learned lots of words and social situations from it, knows all the characters, and can tell their stories. He loves dinosaurs just like little brother George. He likes that his pool is not simply blue but has Peppa and her family on it. He was so proud that he managed to unpack his pool from the cardboard box himself. The video shows how he splashes around – I hope our neighbors below didn’t get rained on too much. I filled his pool just a tiny bit with warm water to avoid major flooding 😉

The best thing is, you won’t need an electric pump to inflate this little pool; you can simply blow into it or use a hand-held pump, like I did. In a few minutes, it’s done and ready to be filled with water. As a kid, what I dreaded most before being able to use water toys was to help mommy and daddy to inflate them. We had a foot pump and took turns, and it was a drag and rather tiring. And my kiddo isn’t the most patient one in the world, so the faster mommy gets the pool up and going, the better.

If your child loves Peppa a lot, you might get her some accessories like a cute pink swimsuit or Peppa goggles 😉

Does your child have a birthday this summer? Maybe create a Kids’ Wish List and add a cool pool to it. My son loves to take his “water toys” (Lego Duplo Jurassic World dinosaurs and volcano) with him in this pool.

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