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Product Review: The Boppy Nursing Pillow


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The Boppy Nursing Pillow is a miracle I couldn’t have done without. I needed it every day for a year to feed my child. We did comfort nursing, although I was an exclusive pumper. It’s a great relief for mommy’s arms to have this support beneath her. If you’re a slim woman, this pillow will fit well around your waist, like a swim ring. I was a size 40 and had no problems fastening it around my belly. It was strong enough to keep its shape well, compared with pregnancy pillows filled with pearls, which sink in when pressure is applied. Frankie the cat loved to lie comfortably snuggled inside the donut, too! I ended up buying two of them, one for my baby and one for the cat, since it broke my heart to chase him out of it all the time 😉

My newborn didn’t sleep better anywhere than in his nursing pillow. He had reflux and used to spit up badly, perhaps because I had to fortify my milk to add more calories, and it was a bit hard on his stomach. It might also have been from the iron supplement he got the first year of his life. Anyways, this pillow allowed him to be placed inside and be a bit more upright. Of course, I was next to him all the time, pumping, so I made sure he couldn’t suffocate by placing his face against the wall when he was lying in the hole of the donut. The product info says it’s for baby’s wake time, not for sleep, so be right next to it all the time when your little one takes a nap, to make sure s/he can breathe well, and don’t use it over night, just for short naps. I felt Lyons Cub was very safe. The pictures below of him snoozing can give you an idea of how peaceful it will be when baby can be upright and not have reflux problems anymore. I had tried a wedge pillow before, but it didn’t work, since he rolled down all the time. This here works!!!

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