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Product Review: InCharacter Dinky Dragon Infant/Toddler Costume

Spooky days are around the corner, and you’re still looking for baby’s first outfit? He or she likes dragons? Well, looks like you found something. This Dinky Dragon infant costume was Lyons Cub’s first disguise, and he wasn’t bothered by the dragon head at all. The set contains a jumpsuit, a hood, detachable wings, and booties. We went trick or treating with it, and mommy wore a matching Yoshi outfit. It was refreshing to see this little blue and green dragon among all the Spider Men and other action figures the young children touted. The costume is not too hot and won’t make baby sweat, and it is also not too light for a breezy last day of October. Lyons Cub did lose one of the cute shoesies, but we found it again on our second round. (Germans, click here for this cute beastie.)

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