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Product Review: Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car

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Toot-toot, here we come!!! This is the Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car, and Lyons Cub got the blue one. A feature I like is the seat belt; it prevents him from getting out while we’re on the road and is a great safety feature. Didn’t have that yet back in my time 😉 He loves the two cup holders; one contains his bottle, the other his salty fishies and pretzels. The trunk in the front really opens and can hold a few sand molds or other kinds of toys. It honks, of course. The yellow cup holder for the adults is not so great; it falls out all the time. But mommy is not supposed to drink soda and gain weight, but to walk around at high speed, losing it!! Besides, mommy can use one of the front cup holders. The car holds up to 50 lbs, but our big neighborhood kids already sat in it, and it didn’t break. They just don’t have any leg space 😉 This car is so loved that there are tears every time when one of the girls wants in, but he wants that at the same time. Yeah, taking turns is hard…

Have twins or two kids close in age? Try out this one 😉

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