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Product Review: Little Tikes Turtle Round Sandbox

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The Little Tikes Turtle Round Sandbox must not be missing from any yard in summer. It has just the right size for one toddler (even to take a nap in ;)), has a dark green lid so that the neighborhood cats cannot poop in it, and can be moved easily for mowing or storage. You can even use it as a pool! We only needed two bags of 50 lbs play sand; thus, it’s not a huge waste, given how little is enough for a toddler. So, unless you have hoards of friends come over, that’s the sandbox to go with for one child. This turtle means years of fun. We used it from when Lyons Cub was 1-2.5 years old. Even the lid by itself is a nice lounging platform for kiddo and kitty. The lid is light and easy to put on and take off, but it does not get blown off in windy weather, which is a big plus. The sandbox has two molded-in seats for the littles to sit on, but Lyons Cub just jumped right inside the middle. Yes, it is small with 43 x 38 x 12 inches, but it fits perfectly on a balcony this way. Not everyone has a yard.

Here is a video of Lyons Cub, Lyoness, and Lori from Early Intervention playing with the turtle sand box and molds:

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