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Product Review: The Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym & Maracas

First musical experience here! Alas, Lyons Cub was so tiny that his little tootsies didn’t quite fill the shoes of his jumpers, so treading the keyboard was a bit difficult for him. However, his face clearly shows his pleasure at reaching the keys and producing sound. This activity mat was less pricey than comparable ones and fulfilled the same purpose: training the hand-eye movement of infants, and getting them accustomed to music. There’s a learning of cause and effect when they kick the keyboard and hear happy tunes. The mat is not super soft, so we used it on top of the master bed (making sure baby didn’t fall down) or on a foam mat on the floor. You can exchange the hanging toys; I put some on there that you can pull down, and they slowly make their way up again; Lyons Cub loved those! They were much more entertaining than the static ones. With this customizable training mat, you cannot go wrong! Here’s a short video of Lyoness with Lyons Cub making his first attempts at hand-eye coordination. And here’s a video of Lyons Cub all by himself. Can your kiddo do this at four months? Remember, they can’t see very far into the distance yet, only what’s right before them, such as mommy’s face.

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